Hosted by Thomas F. Coleman

     Focusing on Freedo
m & Justice 

       Episode 1 - July 1, 2021

       The Freedom Files: Preview of Coming Attractions

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In this premiere episode, host Thomas F. Coleman explains how The Freedom Files will blend past, present, and future with some episodes focusing on current events and the people involved in them while others will recall events and people from the past -- all of which will focus on the pursuit of freedom, justice, and equal rights.  Tom will highlight some of the upcoming episodes.  He will also acknowledge and thank the team of volunteers who are helping to launch the podcast, such as the college interns who are working as associate producers and writing feature stories for each episode as well as the intern who is doing the audio and video editing and other post production work.  Tom's sister, Diane Coleman-Rogers, will appear as a guest to explain why she came up with the idea for the podcast and what she hopes it will accomplish for the causes, issues, and people that it focuses on.  Diane has been a board member of Spectrum Institute for more than 20 years. 

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